Kraig Biocraft Labs has crafted a once-in-a-lifetime technology, raising the performance bar with custom recombinant spider silk fibers and polymers. This new technology could displace current industry technologies and standards for advanced technical textiles and various other protective materials.

Kraig Labs was born out the necessity to produce improved fibers and polymers. We are dedicated to producing the best technologies both for our investors and end-users. Our target markets include military, police and DHS related applications; athletic wear, other industrial and consumer applications, clothing and fashion wear; and significant existing silk product markets.

Mother Nature played a hand in making spider silk the super fiber that it is. At Kraig Biocraft Laboratories we plan on improving products, and then lives, by producing it in commercial quantities.

Kraig Labs (KBLB) is taking the necessary steps to ensure success. Recently, the Company has:
• Entered into a collaborative development agreement with Warwick Mills, a leader in the engineering and development of advanced technical textiles and other protective materials.
• Launched Pilot Commercial Production of Monster Silk™.
• Delivered the first small shipment of its Monster Silk™ recombinant spider silk fiber to Warwick Mills.
• Produced the first sample weaves of Monster Silk™ for evaluation.
• Announced the development of our strongest silk to date, Dragon Silk™ and filed two additional patents, in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, to strengthen our intellectual property protection surrounding its transgenic silkworms and spider silk technologies.
• Announced our first U.S. Army contract with whom we will be developing the next generation in soldier protective materials.
• Opened domestic production facilities in Indiana and Texas

Test weaves are an important components in the commercialization process for our silks. That’s because test weaves are the mother’s milk for the garment industry’s product engineers and other decision makers, so we plan on using these test weaves to close our Monster Silk™ and Dragon Silk™ commercialization loop.

Discover why Monster Silk™and Dragon Silk™ could be 2018’s Hot Commodity

• Demand for products made from lightweight and high strength fibers is at an all-time high and continues to grow.
• Kraig’s advanced fiber production platform method is a huge environmental boost. Spider silk is a protein based fiber, unlike artificial fibers which are most often petroleum based products.
• Spider Silk is highly desirable for its many high performance qualities. The Company plans to market its versions of spider silk (Monster Silk™and Dragon Silk™) in both the technical textiles market and the silk apparel markets. Plans also include incorporating and testing spider silk in anti-ballistic and other technical applications, and then onto medical uses.
• Potential sustained demand as new applications and future generations of custom designed polymers are created.
• Profitable to produce; although the Company hasn’t detailed the pricing strategy, economics was one of the main drivers for choosing the silkworm as our production platform.

– Strong Potential Global Demand, obvious marketing prospects, and cost effective options for spider silk production are seen as drivers of Monster Silk’s success –

Potential for Higher Rewards

As concerns escalate over the environmental issues resulting from chemical processing and the disposal of those toxins, new and intensified interest in biocompatibility is happening on a global basis.

Mother Nature made spider silk among the most powerful fibers and polymers on earth. We plan on making sure that they remain the cleanest commercial alternative to other high strength technical textiles.

Our production model is predicated on reducing waste and toxins, which we believe will ultimately help optimize company growth and sustain product desirability for our clients and investors.

• Our proprietary genetic engineering technology, and an environmentally sustainable model, could impact the mundane silk market and then grow from there.
• Kraig is on target to deliver the world’s 1st commercially feasible mass produced recombinant spider silk. Unique in this space with the first peer-reviewed scientific publication describing the creation of transgenic silkworms that spin a recombinant spider silk.
• We work with the very best minds in molecular biology.
• As a biotechnology company, upcoming developments could lead to impressive valuations.
• The Company is just starting to enter the Commercial Production Phase.
• KBLB has made amazing strides and has delivered incredible value.

The Company’s CEO is employing a comprehensive commercialization approach, which, considering the small size and limited corporate budget, has yielded impressive results. This strategy is designed to maximize shareholder equity.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

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