Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Mission Statement

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is an innovative biotechnology company that is applying cutting edge technology to the creation and development of high-performance fibers. A primary focus of our work is the development and commercialization of genetically engineered recombinant spider silk. The Company believes that this technology is revolutionary in terms of its potential to impact the markets for industrial, consumer and military materials. Our work is based on proprietary genetic engineering technology and a model of environmental sustainability. Combining human ingenuity with the bounty of nature will help to expand the realms of high-tech with never before seen materials. Accordingly, our mission consists of 3 unified parts:

Technological Mission:

To develop and commercialize new types of protein-based fibers that will improve consumer, industrial and defense industry product lines, as well as craft entirely new product possibilities. Our first and second generation spider silk technologies, which we call Monster Silk™ and Dragon Silk™, respectively, have been in pilot production and are moving toward commercial scale production. Initial target markets include the apparel markets, while our future vision for our silks includes industrial uses and lifesaving technologies, ranging from anti-ballistic applications to medical breakthroughs. To materialize our vision, we must strive for the highest possible quality in our products and ensure that our research arm remains focused on continuing our history of laboratory breakthroughs.

Social Mission:

To remain focused on improving our world; the original motivation for pursuing the creation of transgenic recombinant spider silk and founding the Company. We view ourselves as partners with our environment, as well as responsible guardians of our natural resources, and, by working with nature, we believe that we can replace toxic technologies that hurt our environment with natural and ethical production methods that also yield improved materials.

Financial Mission:

To maximize shareholder and enterprise value. There are three focus areas which are key to achieving our financial mission:

1) Moving our Monster Silk™ and Dragon Silk™ (recombinant spider silk) technology into commercial scale production and commercialization;

2) Become a globally recognized brand name by capitalizing on the vast interest in spider silk technologies, and;

3) Continue to develop new advanced spider silk based fibers which can capture larger and larger portions of the technical textile market.

We will continue to advance the Company’s spider silk vanguard position, by focusing on our biotech engineering core competencies. We will be the providers of material science products and strategies that deliver long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients’ needs. We have confidence that as we deliver on all dimensions of our viable mission plan and seize market opportunities, we will enjoy the kind of success that is reflected in enterprise value.

Kraig Labs believes that the most powerful fibers and polymers on earth can also be the cleanest and by valuing Kraig’s three mission segments we will build on our successes both in the short and long term. We know that we can advance our objectives by supporting inquisitive, skilled, and caring young people (and some who are not so young) who share our vision to help create a better world. We can do that through sustainable technologies, as well as serving as an important gathering point for innovative and creative minds.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

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