Collaborations with well-respected institutions, such as the University of Notre Dame, has accelerated and enabled a number of exciting breakthroughs in the laboratory. We are very thankful for the media coverage we receive, which helps us spread the word about recombinant spider silk, along with the Publication of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) peer-reviewed journal, which credibly confirms our proof-of-concept.

Highly Regarded Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) Publishes Kraig Biocraft Laboratories’ Scientific Breakthrough “Silkworms Transformed with Chimeric Silkworm/Spider Silk Genes Spin Composite Silk Fibers with Improved Mechanical Properties”.

Recombinant spider silk protein results in a strong fiber

Silkworms transformed with spider silk genes spin composite silk fibers with improved mechanical properties



Union Leader-Genetically modified silkworms produce miracle fiber for New Ipswich firm

Textile World- Kraig Biocraft, Warwick Mills To Codevelop Spider-silk Based Textiles

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Textile World-Quality Fabric of the Month

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National Geographic- Hybrid Silkworms Spin Spider Silk—A First

BBC- GM silk worms make Spider-Man web closer to reality

The Telegraph- Scientists make silkworms ‘spin spider webs’

The Independent- Well it worked for Peter Parker Genetic Scientists unleash Power of the Spider Web

University of Notre Dame- Hybrid silkworms spin stronger spider silk

Science Daily- Scientists genetically engineer silkworms to produce artificial spider silk

Notre Dame Press Conference: Silkworms Produce Artificial Spider Silk

Notre Dame Research: Transgenic Silkworms Spin Artificial Spider Silk

MetaCafe- KraigBiocraft (KBLB), Notre Dame Spider Silk Worm Press Release Scientists genetically engineer silkworms to produce artificial spider silk (w/ Video)

Innovation in Textiles- KraigBiocraft Laboratories in spider silk breakthrough

MIT Technology Review-Transgenic Worms Make Tough Fibers

University of Notre Dame- Notre Dame and University of Wyoming scientists genetically engineer silkworms to produce artificial spider silk

QMed- For Medical Applications, Two Silks Are Better than One

Wired- Mutant Worms Produce Piles of Spider Silk

The Register- New GM worms mean large scale spider-silk production

Science Business- Biotech Company, Universities Produce Artificial Spider Silk

UPI- Modified silkworms spin spider silk

One India News- Genetically engineered silkworms to produce artificial spider silk

Genome News Network- Building a better silkworm with piggyback

NBC- Researchers: Silkworms make artificial spider silk

Red Orbit- Genetically Engineered Silkworms Produce Artificial Spider Silk

Discover Magazine- Genetically engineered silkworms with spider genes spin super-strong silk

Fibre2Fashion- KraigBiocraft creates composite spider silk fibre

The Washington Times – Army Tests Genetically Engineered Spider Silk

Defense One – The Army is Testing Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor

Gizmodo – The Army wants to make Body Armor Out of Genetically Engineered Spider Silk

Popular Mechanics – The Army is Testing Body Armor made from Genetically Engineered Spider Silk 

Huffington Post – Soldiers Could Be Wearing Armor Made from Genetically Engineered Spider Silk

Vocativ – Body Armor Made from Spider-Silkworm Hybrid

Synbiobeta – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Expands Domestic Spider silk Production Capacity

OTCMarkets – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Awarded Investment Certificate in Vietnam

Innovation in Textiles – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories delivers first Dragon Silk fibre samples to US Army

DailyDomer – Real Life Spider Suit?

Space Mart – Hybrid Silkworms Spin Stronger Spider Silk

Gillette News Record – UW Prof Weaves ‘Monster Silk’ With Spider DNA

Before its News – Transgenic Silkworms Spin Super Spider Silk, Stronger Than Steel And Kevlar

South Bend Tribune – Tough new fiber a breakthrough

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